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Vikings in Algeria

Ever since visiting Algeria in August 2018, I have been dreaming of going back.

So I contacted Mourad, a guy I had stayed with in Algeria before, and a guy who had joined a big part of our Vikings in Africa Trip through Europe, Morocco and Western Sahara.

Algeria is a country who have received a lot of unfair attention, due to attacks in the far south, which does not represent the situation in the country as a whole. The country actually has the second largest amount of police force per inhabitant, right after North Korea and traveling in the North felt safer than most places I have been.

Mourad said he would be up for the task of buying two cars and take us to the best places in his countries, and I set this as a plan of mine to do so once the country started opening up. Here is the itinerary we have planned for our month long Vikings in Algeria trip (whenever that will be):

4- Week Algeria Itinerary on two legs: From the Coast to the Sahara


Because Algeria has decent roads with spectacular sceneries,we have devised a perfect itinerary to try to cover the desert, the coast and most of the tourist and historical sites. The four-week itinerary, divided into two phases, will give us the opportunity to see some of the country’s highlights, as it will undoubtedly be a unique and wonderful adventure and an enriching experience as the longest self-driving road trip in the largest country in Africa and one of the largest countries in the world.

Day 1-3: Algiers


Algiers is the capital of the country and its largest city, it will be the city of meeting and starting the trip because it contains the largest airport in the country and is equipped with the largest air transport network and with flights to most European cities. Participants will be brought from the airport successively to the residence of the group and give them the freedom to choose to participate in our organized trips or  sightseeing on your own, waiting the arrival for all of the group’s members to set out on the trip .

Algiers is a city of contrasts, it has vibes, and looks like an outdoor architectural museum, full of history from the Romans to the era of French colonialism, through the prominent Ottoman presence, it does not have the elegance of European cities, but the typical French facades make you feel like you are in Europe. It is truly a meeting point for civilizations and a link between East and West, and this is what gives this Mediterranean city its unique identity.

Day 4: On the Road to Oran

Short Visit to Tipaza

You cannot claim that you have been in Algiers without visiting Tipaza’s Roman ruins.

There is just an incredible wealth of Roman ruins in Algeria. The closest site to Algiers is located in Tipaza, a laidback seaside town about an hour outside of the capital city.

Surrounded by history, Tipaza comprises a unique group of ruins alongside indigenous monuments. Stroll around the ruins by the shore, visit the Royal Mausoleum of Mauretania, and stop for lunch at one of the seafood restaurants.

Image result for tipaza algeria

Day 4-5: Oran

Oran is Algeria’s second-largest city. It lies along the Mediterranean coast at the point where Algeria is closest to Spain. 

For centuries, the city has been an important Spanish port. It has also been ruled by the Romans, the Ottomans, and the French.

Today Oran is a lively city where you can feel the Mediterranean vibes. Walk along the seaside promenade, visit Santa Cruz Fort, step inside Sacré Coeur Cathedrale, and wander around the Bey Palace. There really is enough here for a number of days of sightseeing.

  • Getting from Tipaza to Oran takes about 4 hours.
Image result for oran

Day 6-7: Tlemcen

From oran  we  going west towards Tlemcen. This city is Algeria’s most westerly city, and it features a wealth of historical sites.

From the incredible great mosque to the winding alleyways of the medina, to the Mechouar Palace, from LallaSetti Plateau to Mansourah ruins – this is a city that just cries out for exploration.

  • Getting from Oran  to Tlemcen takes about 2 hours.

Day 8-9: Taghit

Here we can say we will start the second part of the first leg  trip because we will head south to the desert to visit Taghit, one of the most beautiful oases of the sahara and one of the most wonderful and most visited places.

Known as the Enchantress, Taghit has some of the highest sand dunes in the Sahara desert, reaching 190 meters high. Climb to the top of the sand dunes, watch the sunset, visit the Ksar and rock art sites, and have fun skiing down the dunes.

  • Getting from Tlemcen to Taghit takes about 8 hours
Image result for taghit

Day 10: Beni Abbés

The second inevitable city to visit in the valley of  Saoura, it is the wonderful city of Beni Abbés , One of the most beautiful oases in the Algerian desert, we can visit the Church of Bir de Foucauld, the palm grove, the old palace and the museum. Visit the satayi palms and view the charming panoramic view!

Béni Abbès also known as the Pearl of the Saoura,It is also considered an ancient and very important city in the western part of the Algerian Sahara because it contains unique culture, customs and traditions.

  • Getting from Taghit to Beni Abbés takes about 2 hours
Image result for beni abbés

Day 11-12: Timimoun

From Beni abbes  we will go further into the desert to get to Timimoun, the red town. On the way, we will be seeing some stunningly beautiful landscapes and the varied colors of the desert. we will find ourself alone much of the time. Worth taking a bit of time to stop and admire the beauty of nature.

Then, of course, it’s up to Timimoun, where we will not be short of amazing landscapes to look at. From the red dunes, palm groves, to red villages, this place is all about enjoying the serenity of the desert.

  • Beni abbes  to Timimoun is a 4-hour drive.
Image result for timimoun

Day 13-14: Ghardaia

From Timimoun, which is the highest point in the desert, we will reach it on the first stage of our journey. We will return to the north, heading to Ghardaia.Ghardaia is probably the most conservative city in Algeria. It’s famous for its Mzab Valley, a geographical site also known for its unique architecture and way to life.

Built in the 10th century by the Ibadites (a branch of the Amazigh ethnicity), this compact city consists of five fortified ksours designed for community living and perfectly adapted to the environment. Unesco named Mzab Valley World Heritage, so the uniqueness of this city is being preserved.

We will hire a local guide and explore the labyrinth of narrow streets, watch the children playing, wander around the rug market, and learn about the Mozabit culture. This place is like no other, so we will enjoy and make the most of our visit.

  • Getting from Timimoun to Ghardaia takes about 7 hours.

Day 15: Come back to Algiers

The last day of our first leg two-week itinerary takes us back to Algiers. We have now seen some of Algeria’s best places to visit. We had some adventures and some time to unwind, some city explorations and Sahara expeditions. Now we have two choices, the first head to the airport and go back by fly or continue the adventure by road to reach Algiers.

2 first week Algeria Itinerary: Route Map

algeria itinerary, algiers, ghardaia, timimoun, taghit, tlemcen, oran

2nd leg week Algeria Itinerary: Route Map

Day 15: On the road to Djanet

The people who wants to continue the journey for the other two weeks, explore the deep desert and experience a unique life in the world, will be with us in the second part of the trip, which will be with just as much fun, excitement and passion

Day 16-20: Djanet

The beauty of Djanet is incomparable. Due to its remoteness, Djanet is one of the least visited places in Algeria. It’s also one of the most stunning and wildest places that the Sahara offers. Djanet is known for its art-rock, dunes, and rock formation. It’s also the place where you meet the Touareg and learn about their lifestyle. Since there are no hotels in Djanet, the only way to explore this dramatic region is by taking an organized camping trip. we will be going to have the best trip!

  • Getting from  Ghardaia to Djanet  takes about 19 hours.Image result for djanet

Day 21: On Road to the north direction to Toggourt

Day 22-23: Touggourt 

On our way back to the capital, Algiers, we will continue to take advantage of our road trip to discover wonderful tourist areas and cities from this vast country, this country that considers as a  continent, and our first stop will be in an ancient city which is the city of Touggourt .

Known for its palm groves, lakes, and irrigation system, Touggourt is located about just 100 Km from ELoued our next distination and is another go-to place if you are seeking authenticity and cultural immersion. Visiting Touggourt is definitely an opportunity to experience the friendly ambiance, as well as the ordinary simple life of the locals.

  • Getting from   Djanet  TO Touggourt   takes about 19 hours.
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Day 23-24: El Oued

Here we have two options, spend more time in this region and visit El Oued  or go directly toward Biskra Known as the city of thousand domes, El Oued is a remote town located near Tunisia. Visit El Oued, you can not only see the domes that top every building but also witness the traditional and simple life of locals. El Oued is also home to the most expensive luxury hotel & tents in Algeria’s Sahara Desert – La Gazelle d’Or is a place straight out of the Arabian dream.

  • Getting from   Touggourt TO EL Oued  takes about 2 hours.


Day 24-25: Biskra & Tolga

If you want to wander through Palm groves and eat the tastiest dates, then you should visit Biskra. Known as the gateway to the Sahara desert, Biskra is an Oasis town crammed with truly incredible spots. The lush greenery of its oasis, the mud-brick villages, the canyon, as well as the local dishes make it the kind of place not to miss when we are in Biskra 

  • Getting from  Touggourt to Biskra  takes about 4  hours.Image result for biskra

Day 25-26: Ghoufi Canyon & Timgad Roman Ruins

Batna Region is one of the must-visit places in Eastern Algeria. Make your way to Ghoufi Canyon and Timgad Roman ruin which is a UNESCO heritage site.

we staying somewhere around Ghoufi Canyon, so you’ll have enough time to wander around this beautiful location.

We visit the stunning Timgad ruins during the morning of the 26th day of our Algeria trip, and when you are done with the Roman ruins head to Constantine our next destination.

  • Getting from    Biskra To  Batna takes about  1  hours.

Day 27:  Constantine

Affectionally known as the city of hanging bridges, Constantine is the third-largest city in Algeria. Through several eras, it has kept its importance and has been a strategic location since it was founded. Today, Constantine is perhaps the most visited city in Northeastern Algeria. Its streets are filled with old colonial buildings and street vendors, and visitors can walk along its hanging bridges and admire the magnificent views.

Constantine is a great city. Walk along the hanging bridges, wander around the medina, marvel at Emir Abdelkader mosque, and visit the palace of the Day.

Algeria travel itinerary constantine

Day 28: Sétif- Djemila  (Visit The Roman Ruins)

Djemila is one of the most beautiful Roman ruins outside of Italy. Whilst there is a countless number of a Roman archaeological site throughout Algeria, Djemila is one of the most well preserved Roman ruins. This site is also part of the UNESCO world heritage list. Walk around the ruins and enjoy the serenity of this place.

Image result for djemila ruins

Day 29: Tikjda – A Charming Mountain Escape

On our final way back, between the city of Setif, and Algiers, the natural resort of Tikjda is located, Located within Djurjura Mountains in the Kabylie region, Tikjda is a great outdoor destination that offers a variety of hiking trails.

Its beautiful peaks, little lake, and peaceful atmosphere make it one of the most popular high altitude destinations in Algeria. So we try to go for the hiking experience, Tikjda is still very beautiful and worth a visit.

Day 30: Back to Algiers 

Here the trip was finished; the participants are free to spend more days in Algiers or come back home.

2 last week Algeria Itinerary: Route Map

4week Algeria Itinerary: Route Map

Algiers 🡪Tipaza 🡪Oran 🡪Tlemcen 🡪Taghit 🡪Beni Abbés 🡪Timimoun🡪Elmenia🡪GHardaia🡪Ouargla 🡪DJanet🡪Touggert🡪ELOeud🡪Biskra🡪Batna(Timgad)🡪Constantine🡪Sétif(Djemila)🡪Tikedjda🡪Algiers